From Chess to Finance

Tea Lanchava

Tea Lanchava

In 2004 Tea was introduced to Financial Markets and got fascinated by the similarities between the chess world and (quantitative) finance and investments. She decided to move from a full-time to part-time chess career and entered the financial world. She studied at the NIBE (Dutch Institute of Banks and Stock Exchange Studies) and started her career at a Dutch institutional investment consultant.  A few years later she switched to the equity desk at the Blue Sky Group, a Euro 14 billion fiduciary pension manager of the KLM Airlines and several other pension plans. Here she was responsible for manager selection and monitoring.

Earlier this year she decided to start her own consultancy firm. The Chess World provides her with an enormous network in Eastern Europe, Russia and other former CIS countries; something that was difficult to use in her previous jobs. With the ongoing growth of the general interest in business relationships with these countries by Western investors and multinationals on the one hand, and the interest of Russian market participants in Western opportunities on the other Tea decided to link her Chess network directly to her financial market expertise by setting up TLCS. The quality of the Chess Network was recently (May 2012) illustrated by the appointment of Arkady Dvorkovich (official of the Russian Chess Federation and son of an international chess arbiter) as Deputy Prime Minister in Medvedev’s Cabinet, with the likes of Kasparov and Karpov (former World Champions) also being active in politics.



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