Tea Lanchava

Tea Lanchava

Tea was born and raised in Georgia (back then still a Soviet Republic). At the age of 5 her chess talent was discovered by her parents (base level) and later by ex-world champion Nona Gaprindashvili (advanced level).

During the early years of her life in the former Soviet Union, Tea did win the Junior World Championship Chess twice. She did also win several youth championships of Georgia and the Soviet Union.

In 1996 she moved to the Netherlands and since 1997 she plays in the Dutch national team.

During her chess career in the Netherlands she was awarded the women grandmaster title (WGM) and she also won the men’s international master title (IM). Tea participated successfully in a large number of national and international tournaments, many of them with strong male participation. At the senior level she also won second place (silver medal) in a European Chess Championship and earned the entry ticket for the World Chess Championships. This year she won the Dutch Women’s National Chess Championship (2012).


Tea Lanchava

Tea Lanchava

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