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M&A, Private Equity and Venture Capital activities in Emerging and Frontier Markets are getting more important. Not surprisingly, because the expected average returns – also when correcting them for risk – in these markets can be far higher than in Western markets. This is partly related to a lower level of market efficiency, but it is also directly related to higher economic growth in these countries and a relatively larger scarcity of knowledge, human and financial capital in these countries.

For interested entrepreneurs we can a) evaluate cases (when you have found potential investment projects or targets yourself) or b) help you to source them. To do so we need to understand your desires, sector, expectations so as to ensure an optimum result. TLCS will spend a sufficiently large amount of time with you to get a feel for where you come from and/or where you want to go free of charge! And we are the type of advisory firm that is willing to put its money where its mouth is through the acceptance of fee schedules that incorporate a substantial variable fee component. Contact us in case you want more information about your business idea, M&A deal, vision, our fee schedule et cetera.

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