LMG Emerge; Advisory Contract Russia-Central Asia

In September 2012 TLCS signed an advisory contract with implemented consultant LMG Emerge (Utrecht, The Netherlands). LMG is a specialist in Asset Allocation, Manager Selection and Emerging and Frontier Markets and its so-called GLOCAL investment concept has attracted the attention of prestigious parties like Emirates NBD (Dubai), Invest AD (Abu Dhabi) and Rothschild (France-Luxemburg). The essence of GLOCAL is the belief that best-of-breed asset management and above-average performance benefit from the use of LOCAL specialists, with the latter being even more the case in less efficient Emerging and Frontier Markets.

However: less efficient Emerging and Frontier Markets are also difficult and dangerous for outsiders without a sufficiently large local network. Is that well-performing party really the best one to work with? Or are there specific reasons why I can better opt for the number 2 or 3 on my list in this case?

TLCS is proud that LMG has decided to appoint us as their ‘Outside Insider’. LMG will cooperate closely with LMG’s Manager Selection staff on the one hand in its search for best-of-breed Russia, Central Asia and/or Eastern Europe specialists, while helping with the distribution of LMG’s solutions in these markets on the other with a prime focus on institutional parties and (U)HNW private investors.

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