The business model of TLCS is based on the network philosophy: it is not necessary to get all strengths in-house as long as your network enables you to provide customers with the ‘best-of-the-best’ against reasonable cost.

In such a model TLCS will then be the fiduciary, trusted direct contact for the client. Taking into account the peculiarities of the geographical focus region, the right mixture of local presence through network partners in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe on the one hand and out-of-region specialists on the other (like for instance Dutch-based implemented consultant LMG Emerge) will add tremendous value to outside investors who contemplate portfolio or foreign direct investments. The availability of this inside-outside blended network makes TLCS your ‘Outside Insider’.

We believe that this service is not only important for foreigners who consider investments in the region, but also for local, within-region organizations looking for business opportunities in our key, Western European markets. As such we are also open to these type of clients, conditional on their product offering being ‘best-of-breed’.

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