Mission and Values

TLCS stands for an open and transparent business approach. Good governance is key for us, especially so because of the often not-so-good reputation of the region. We will be very careful to ensure that the right type of parties are introduced to each other and that we only work with network partners who are best-of-breed by all means and standards. Of course we do understand that the quality of governance, legal infrastructure, openness of political decision making and levels of corruption make for a starting situation that is far from perfect. However, we are convinced that the Foreign Bias is playing an important role as well. Too often, countries in this region are blamed for things that the Chinese, Indians and some other Emerging and Frontier nations get away with. We also see it as our mission to inform parties in- and outside the region about this.

There is progress in the region and both governments and leading enterprises in the region do understand that – if they are serious about on-going growth, exports and other beneficial international contact – improvements will benefit them in the longer run. We are therefore convinced that the opportunities in the region are far bigger than assumed by many outside firms, governments and semi-governmental entities. Especially the smaller ones do normally imply that the region is too dangerous for them. TLCS has numerous examples of brave and successful entities that did not only do business successfully in the region, but who also built long-lasting friendships that have triggered additional opportunities! But there is a cultural and language barrier and we do believe that it is of the utmost importance for TLCS, local suppliers, and our clientele to ensure that these are explained as clearly as possible when entering a relationship. In other words: we do not believe in a quick deal, but will focus on building strong, long-term relationships instead.

  • TLCS as objective ‘Outside Insider’
  • Transparency
  • Good Governance
  • Reduce the ‘Foreign Bias’ against the region

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